Home Delivery


Q: How can I order this service?

A: You have two different options here.
1: Message us at https://www.facebook.com/TNT-Auto-Parts-220369258001712.
2: Call us at 814-375-5557 and hit option "2." Then leave a message detailing your vehicle and part needs, and we will get back back to you as soon as possible. An example message would be: "Hello my name is -, and I am calling about an 04 Ford Explorer with a 4.0 engine. I need a price on brake pads and rotors, and an oil change. My address is -----------. My vin is ----------------. Call me back at ***-*-

Q: Why do I have to leave a message?
A: Because it is overall easier to organize home deliveries when we have a recording to look back on and have your information ready to go. It also helps if we have a high volume of calls at once.

Q: When will I get an answer?

A: We can answer your questions between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday through Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturday.

Q: What days can I have my parts delivered?
A: Monday through Saturday. No home delivery will be available on Sunday.

Q: When can I return my part?

A: Within 30 days of receipt of delivery. We will pick it up the following business day. We can do this for any problem that may occur.

Q: What can I do about a core charge?

A: If you have the part off the vehicle when we deliver to you, we won't charge you a core. If you don't have it off, we are unable to wait for you to remove the part, but we will return the following business day for it.

Q: Can I have you deliver to an alternative location?  

A: Yes you can. You can have your part delivered to wherever your vehicle is.

Q:How soon can I expect my part?

A: Our cutoff is 1:00pm. If you order before that your part will arrive on the same day. If you order after that it will be delivered the following business day.

Q: What is the minimum amount for a delivery?

A: The minimum is a $1 per mile, round trip with a $20 minimum. So if you are 30 miles it will be a $60 minimum. 13 miles is $26 minimum. And a 3 mile drive is a $20 minimum.

Q: How do I pay?

A: You can pay our driver with cash, check or card. You can also pay using PayPal. Our driver won't carry any money for change.


Q: Can you deliver engines/heavy parts?

A: Yes we can, but if the item is over 50 pounds, our driver cannot move the part for you. You are responsible for moving it.


Q: What do I do if I don't hit the minumum dollar amount?

A: You have a couple options. We can charge you the difference as a delivery fee, or you can just add on something you may need in the future, such as oil or wiper blades.